This CD is inspirational, solo, instrumental guitar played aggresively with percussional fingerstyle licks and runs and solos. The melodies are catchy and rhythmic, the improvisations are sophisticated and multi-faceted. You can never predict what journey each song will take, but it’s always a delightful surprise! Each song is an energetic expression in a pure original form…a true blend of everything Dan has listened to and played over the past 30 years. It is a masterpiece worth a listen for anyone who loves the guitar.

“Dan is a great player, a virtuoso who cannot allow his technique to prevail on the sensibility of the tunes.” — Massimo Ferro, RADIO VOCE SPAZIO, Diocesi di Alessandria, Italy“Dan’s playing is highly individualistic,sometimes relaxed, in a groove, often full of stabbing odd turns and immediately recognizable.” — James Sallis, The Guitar in Jazz