In some circles, El Paso-based guitarist Dan Lambert would be called a “cul- ture traveler” for his ability to traverse different music styles with ease. With percussionists Ricardo Amaya and Erik Hickerson, the band is boldly eclectic, as heard on the opening track, “Wadi a Go Go.” Lambert plays surf and progressive licks on an electric over a wildly tribal beat, and during the solo there’s even a pronounced Grateful Dead vibe in these free-ranging improvs.

On “India Long Distance,” Lambert grabs a sarod for an Eastern jam, while he employs an 11-string oud for “Oud Player’s Lament.” “Mother Country,” however, has a swinging jazz feel and nice, exploratory solos that are not quite bebop but close enough for rock and roll. In places, Lambert comes across as a veritable Third World Jerry Garcia, leading the Double Drum Trio through interesting realms of improvisational sound and style. While his guitar is over- compressed throughout the recording (compression is usually preferable when it’s not heard), the record has a nice, loose feel and bodes more interesting music ahead. – PP